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1.3.0 Sins of the Flesh16.01.2024

New Features

  • Added a new weapon - the Blunderbuss! Lamb goes pew pew.

  • 6 new achievements.

  • Eggs - Followers can be hatched from eggs! Golden eggs will grant special skins.

  • New Resources have been added. These include Grapes, Hops, Cotton, Silk Thread, and Yolk.

  • Extra Resource rooms

  • New Follower skins - Lemur, Caterpillar, Seal, Snake, Worm.

  • Extension of the Sozo questline

  • Sin Doctrine category (4 new choices, 8 new Doctrines)

  • Auto levelling up followers after sermons and rituals.

  • Rebuilding structures mini game.

  • Shop room inside the dungeon with an NPC (Berith) that sells unique clothing.

  • Re-indoctrination option on the indoctrination podium.

  • Outfit and necklace assigning option on the indoctrination screen.

  • Disciple ritual that turns level 10 followers into Disciples.

  • Followers will now fight with one another, causing injuries and sometimes death.

The Sin System

  • Followers generate sin which can be used as a new currency! Sin can be generated from specific Sin rituals and buildings. Spend it on upgrading the Temple, removing the cooldown on purgatory, re-indoctrinating followers and building structures.

New Rituals

  • Rite of Lust - Followers will dance in their birthday suits around the shrine. Choose your favorite Follower to become the Mayflower Leader for half a day! This Follower will generate Sin. Followers will not work for half a day, instead they will prance around naked.

  • Rite of Wrath - Followers will cause havoc on the base! Choose a follower to become the Wrath Leader. This follower will generate Sin.

  • Gluttony of Cannibals - Choose a follower to be consumed by others. This will generate Sin.

  • Sinner’s Pride - Choose a follower to absorb the Sin of all followers.

  • Discipleship - Choose a level 10 follower to become a Disciple, in your inner circle of true believers.


  • Drinkhouse - Craft drinks at the drinkhouse for your followers. Once a follower consumes their delicious little treat beverage, they will generate Sin. There is also chance to become Befuddled. They may need a little tactical spew to keep the festivities going.

  • Drinkhouse Level 2 - Queue more drinks.

  • Mating Tent - You asked for it! When two Followers love each other very much, they may enter the tent, and find an egg afterwards...

  • Hatchery - Place eggs in the Hatchery to make them hatch. What will come out?

  • Drum Circle - Play a drum circle mini game for a chosen follower to generate Sin.

  • Tailor building to craft and assign clothing to followers.

  • Bigger silo storage buildings for fertilizer and seeds.

  • Janitor station 2 building.

  • Seed Storage - Followers will collect seeds from this building and deposit them into Seed Silo’s.

  • Fertilizer Storage - Followers will collect fertilizer from this building and deposit them into Fertilizer Silo’s.

  • Disciple Collection Shrine - Allows Disciples to deposit devotion from other buildings into a central building.

  • Disciple Boost Shrine - Allows Disciples to pray that eventually fills up a shrine to give the Lamb a boost for the next crusade.

Follower States

  • Befuddled - Followers will stumble around, vomit, fight, chat, laugh, sing, and generally have a merry old time until they are no longer befuddled.

  • Injured - Followers will limp around feeling sorry for themselves until they are no longer injured.

Chore Levelling Up

  • When cleaning a poop/vomit/burnt or cleaning out an outhouse, XP will be generated.

  • Once the chore XP bar reaches full, the Lamb will unlock a new mop. There are as many as 10 (!!!) mops to unlock.

  • The higher the mop, the faster the Lamb can clean.

Poop variations

  • Golden Poop - Drops gold when cleaned. Drops gold/gold bars when harvesting a crop fertilized with golden poop.

  • Glow Poop - Attracts fireflies.

  • Devotion Poop - Generates devotion when cleaned. Crop fertilized with devotion poop will generate devotion over time.

  • Massive Poop - Drops multiple poops when cleaned. Followers can get stuck in the massive poop :(

  • Poop pet - Drops a poop pet when harvested, only when the poop is from a follower with the poop skin.

  • Rainbow poop - Gives 5 times the chore XP when harvested. Instantly grows a crop when fertilized with rainbow poop.

Lore Tablets

  • 15 Lore Tablets to collect across the game!

  • Locations of Tablets: 10 are located in a special dungeon room. 2 are located in a dungeon graveyard. 3 are located in special NPC encounter rooms.


  • Disciple Trait - Can re-educate Dissenters and use special Shrines.

  • Jerk Trait - Jeers at the lamb. Chance to steal Lamb’s gold. Will tell the Lamb they suck after a failed crusade.

  • Hot Tempered Trait - May start a fight with other followers.

  • Royal Pooper Trait - Only poops golden poops. Say that 5 times fast.

  • Scared Trait - Runs away from the player. Can be bullied/reassured.

  • Terrified Trait - Sits in the corner of base and cries. :(

  • Lustful Trait - Increases odds of mating in the mating tent.

  • Celibate Trait - Decreases odds of mating in the mating tent.

  • Fashionable Trait - Generates Devotion 20% faster when wearing a unique outfit.

  • Hedonist Trait - Decreases productivity by 10% but increases Sin generation by 15%.

  • Ascetic Trait - Decreases Sin generation by 10% but increases productivity by 15%.

  • Virtuous Trait - Produces Sin 20% slower.

  • Unrepentant - Produces Sin 15% faster.

  • Doctrinal Extremist Cult Trait - Choose to generate Sin from the Confession Booth instead of Loyalty.

  • Violent Extremist Cult Trait - Chance of Sin appearing as a reward from mini-bosses.

  • Fertility Cult Trait - Followers hatched in the Cult will be born with some Sin

  • Allegiance Cult Trait - Followers hatched in the Cult will be born with a high Loyalty level.

  • Dissented Followers have a chance to show up inside the dungeon and fight the player.

Twitch Integration Update

  • Added outfits for viewer followers! Viewers can now select a snazzy outfit in the follower builder after they win a follower raffle.

  • Added mobile support. You can now use all of the integration’s features on your mobile devices as well!

  • Added additional Help/Hinder outcomes


  • Follower level is now capped at 10 - Followers at max level can can still participate in any interactions or Cult events that would normally increase their loyalty, but their loyalty bar will not appear anymore.

  • Balanced the Enrichment Ritual.

  • Added prompt to signify that sacrificing followers in certain locations are permanent .

  • Laplace Dice is now a single use relic.

  • Paean demon will no longer give hearts whilst wearing the Berseker or Fragile Fortitude Fleeces.

  • Rebalancing commandment stones from levelling of Followers.

  • Remove necklace option.

  • Hide/Show necklace option.

  • Skip sermons.

  • Followers level capped at level 10.

  • Dissenters who have left the cult have a chance to show up in the dungeon and fight the Lamb.

  • Achievements menu that displays unlocked achievements.

  • Fixed confusion with end of level bonus items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed demons not joining in the final fight.

  • Fixed certain follower questlines

  • Fixed lighting issues with blood moon ritual

  • Fixed Morgue and Crypt issues

  • Fixed birds displaying above the base in photo mode

  • Fixed certain weapons not showing on crusades

  • Various optimisations for console versions.

Sinful DLC Pack

  • 6 tailor unlocked outfits

  • 6 new decorations

  • 5 new Follower skins: Tiger, Llama, Hammerhead, Ladybug, Sphynx

  • 1 player fleece

  • As an addition : 2 tailor outfits for Heretic pack, and 2 tailor outfits for Cultist pack.

1.2.7 Cult of the Lamb x Don't Starve TogetherOctober 12, 2023
  • Fixed an issue that stopped Followers from dying once they reach old age in Penitence/Quick Start Mode.

  • The Feast Ritual now fills up players' hunger in Penitence Mode.

  • Fixed a softlock when aborting the ascend ritual.

1.2.6 Cult of the Lamb x Don't Starve TogetherAugust 21, 2023
  • New secret Follower. 

  • New secret decorations.

  • New secret Penitence Mode.

  • New Quick Start Mode.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to die after defeating leader bosses. 

  • Fixed an issue where performing a heavy attack during an interaction prevented the player from performing further heavy attacks. 

  • Fixed an issue where spawning a demon or a combat follower right before moving to the next node, caused them to not spawn at all.

  • Fixed hearts dropping outside of the room when the player is in the healing room.

  • Fixed an issue causing various mini bosses to freeze mid fight.

  • Removed refined resources from the post-game shop.

1.2.4 Relics of the Old FaithMay 17, 2023
  • Fixed soft lock in the relic room.

  • The user can now skip the intro cutscene video.

  • Fixed disappearing dead followers in graves.

  • Fixed shielded enemies appearing before Heavy Attacks have been unlocked.

  • Fixed a softlock when using Photo Mode after being sacrificed and meeting The One Who Waits for the first time.

  • Fixed incorrect text on Help menu entry.

  • Fixed soft locks when encountering cult leader statues.

  • Fixes to the numbers displayed above enemies in shield order encounters.

  • Black walls blocking entry when rolling into a new room now places Lamb on the correct destination if stuck.

  • Fixed issue where special rooms did not show during post game.

  • Fixed softlock when fighting the final boss in purgatory.

  • Fixed player being unable to finish the lighthouse quest.

  • Relic room will now show in dungeon when the player is wearing Fleece of the Fates.

  • Fixed unable to save issue.

  • Fixed inconsistent soft lock when performing a doctrine.

  • Fixed soft lock when speaking to forneus in purgatory.

  • Followers converted into demons will no longer become exhausted after purgatory.

  • Fixed entrance shrine filling up relic charge exploit.

  • Fixed multiple issues relating to houses and shared houses.

  • Increased Laplace’s Dice charge amount.

  • Fixed rescue room enemies not spawning.

  • Fixed lamb clipping under the map.

  • Fixed new skin notification showing when no new skins

  • Fix name inputs allowing unlimited characters

  • Fixed friendly combatants spawning outside of islands.

  • Interactions will disable their highlight during photo mode

  • Fixed soft lock when accepting quests from followers

  • Fixed undertaker creating duplicate bodies 

  • Fixed debuff room clearing witness eyes

  • Various ritual soft lock fixes

  • Balanced spawned combat allies 

  • Tax/Faith enforcer won't ask lamb to make them a Tax/Faith enforcer

  • Fixed Haro not speaking in the entrance of the dungeons

  • Specific followers will no longer become lovers

  • Fixed demons duplicating themselves

  • Fixed splatter curses not destroying terrain elements

  • Fixed permadeath not showing for some players

1.2.1 Relics of the Old FaithApril 24, 2023
  • Fixed an issue where the title may crash after using a relic

  • Fixed an issue where Fishing out the Beak of the Fowler relic does not play out the unlock animation and impaired the game's functionality.

  • Fixed an issue where the title became unresponsive upon unlocking certain relics.

  • Fixed an issue where Eye of the Fervant interrupted the charging of Curses by the playable character.

  • Fixed an issue where a redundant text in the inventory menu when the playable character has no relic equipped.

  • Fixed an issue where some of the Heket's dialogues are not affected by the text scale

  • Fixed an issue where the followers' faces displayed in the Notifications in the Cult tab menu are inconsistent with the faces from the UI prompts displayed during the gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where The Arachnid card effectively lowers the poison damage dealt by the high-level Bane weapon

  • Fixed an issue where the Tennis Wizard and Archers became passive and freeze without animation if the line of sight is broken after their animation attack 

  • Fixed an issue where there would be no preview of the last edited photo in the Gallery Menu

  • Fixed an issue where the size of the stickers exceeded the limit if they are placed quickly one on another in the Photo Mode editor

  • Fixed an issue where Flipping Offering Statue causes numbers showing the quantity of items to be displayed improperly

1.2.0 Relics of the Old FaithApril 24, 2023

New Content

  • Added a new storyline which begins after completing the base game.

  • Added 37 new Relics with various powers which must be collected by the player.

  • All 5 Weapons got a new Heavy Attack and Level 2 Heavy Attack.

  • Added new Sermon upgrades that unlock extra damage, Relics, Heavy Attacks, and a new ability to reroll your Weapons and Curses on Crusades.

  • Added new Crusades, which are encountered after the base game.

  • Added 13 new Encounters with various Characters and cutscenes.

  • Added many new Combat rooms, with new traps such as rivers, swinging axes, etc.

  • Added Fish, Meat, and Relic rooms.

  • Added 6 new Enemies to fight in new Crusades.

  • Added 16 new Minibosses to fight in new Crusades.

  • Added 4 new Bishop transformations to fight in new Crusades.

  • Added Chemach - a new Character who deals Relics.

  • Added ??? - a new Character who provides quests and opens a shop that accepts God Tears.

  • Added Forgotten Commandment Stones  - a new resource used to unlock Doctrines you didn’t choose in the past.

  • Added 6 new Necklaces to obtain in ???’s shop.

  • Added 7 new Tarot Cards to collect.

  • Added 2 new Critters - Jellyfish in Anchordeep and Relic Goat from Relics.

  • Added 4 new Buildings - Kitchen, Shared Shelter, Crypt, and Morgue with some having additional upgrades.

  • Added 11 new Followers obtainable in various ways through gameplay, and 7 previous Twitch Followers obtainable through ???’s shop.

  • Added 2 new Twitch Follower Forms only currently obtainable as Twitch Drops for Steam (will be available for other platforms in the future through normal gameplay.)

  • Added 6 new special Followers - Leshy, Heket, Kallamar, Shamura, Baal, and Aym.

  • Added new quests, including some secret quests.

  • Added 5 new Fleeces - obtained through various quests and combat.

  • Added Purgatory - a new way to fight in Dungeon Gauntlet and Boss Rush. Use Fleeces to fight in new ways.

  • Added the ability to re-fight Baal, Aym, and The One Who Waits in Purgatory.


Photo Mode

  • Added a Photo Mode that allows you to tilt, change height, and focus, and take Photos while pausing the game.

  • Added a Gallery to view your Photos taken while using Photo Mode.

  • Added Edit option in Gallery that allows the player to add, scale, flip, rotate and undo Stickers.

  • Added 88 new Stickers, with the ability to Clear and Undo.


  • Can now toggle a setting to display follower names above their heads.

  • Tutorial tooltips can now be navigated with the mouse.

  • Tutorial tooltips now show button controls.

  • A Permadeath Mode has now been added, unlocked after finishing the base game once.


  • Dyslexic Fonts (English only) - font option to allow easier reading for those with dyslexia.

  • Numbers as Roman Numerals - change roman numerals in the game to arabic numerals.

  • Stop Time on Crusade - time will pause in the Cult while visiting Crusades.

  • Show Build Mode Filter - the player is now able to turn off the full screen blue build mode filter.

  • High Contrast text option - sets text to a clearer color where appropriate for an easier reading experience.

  • Remove Text Styling - you can now turn off all bold and italic text for an easier reading experience.

  • Main Menu Dark Mode - change the main menu to dark mode.

  • The Flashing Lights option has been improved.

  • Remove Lighting Effects - turn off various lighting and day/night visual effects. 


  • Relics of the Old Faith - Collect all Relics.

  • Shake Down - Get your Coin back from Midas.

  • True Love Found - Reunite Aym and Baal with Forneus.

  • Leader of Leaders - Indoctrinate all five Bishops into your Cult.

Heretic DLC Pack

  • Added 5 new Follower Forms.

  • Added 8 new Decorations.

  • Added a new decorative Fleece.

Balancing & Bug Fixes

  • Fishing rates were adjusted to prevent the player from fishing too long.

  • Mushroom drops in Anura were raised.

  • Dagger damage was raised slightly.

  • Fleece of the Diseased Heart was rebalanced with an added dodging minigame.

  • The Shrine will no longer give Coins when completing upgrades after the base game and gives God Tears instead.

  • Many optimizations were added to smooth gameplay for lower memory consoles.

  • Some miscellaneous general improvements.

  • Many small bug fixes.

1.1.4February 9, 2023
  • Multiple performance improvements to Boss fights, dungeon runs, and general Base biome gameplay

  • Fixed an issue with bomber enemy causing soft lock

  • Fixed Witness bosses not returning to the play area after dying and resurrecting

  • Fixed an issue where a Witness boss may spawn instead of a miniboss

1.1.0January 18, 2023
  • You can now rename your Cult, view Followers, and statistics while examining your Doctrine book

  • Added the ability to Bless, Inspire, and Intimidate multiple Followers at once

  • Added a Custom Bindings section for controllers, you can now bind your controller as you wish

  • Added auto-fishing Accessibility Option

  • Added auto-cooking Accessibility Option

  • Added hold-action toggle Accessibility Option

  • Roadmap has been updated to reflect the current update plan

  • Updated the UI for Controller layouts

  • Cults and Followers can no longer be given empty names

  • Ratau’s letter now has the correct prompt

  • Play time will now display correctly if the save file exceeds 24 hours

  • Fixed an exploit in the world map allowing you to travel to locations you hadn’t unlocked

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to open all Crusade doors after opening Anura

  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty level of a loaded save file may carry over into a new game

  • Revised gamepad layouts

  • Fixed an issue where multiple controllers connected will not be responsive

  • Many bug fixes and optimisations across all platforms 16, 2022
  • Fixed infinite devotion generated from followers.

  • Fixed cult upgrade sequence not occurring causing the temple and shrine not to increase in level - Added fallback to users who have encountered this issue.

  • Fixed weapons and curses not showing in dungeons even though they are unlocked in the player upgrade tree.

  • Fixed player's hearts not increasing when unlocked in the player upgrade tree.

  • Fixed clock UI showing in the middle of the screen. 24, 2022

Introduced our first seasonal event, the Blood Moon Festival!

  • A new Blood Moon Ritual that will raise the ghosts of dead Followers

  • 3 new Follower Forms: the Cursed Crow, Skeletal Deer, and Bat Demon

  • 4 new dreadful Decorations

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue causing Helob's tarot cards to become unavailable

  • Fixed an issue related to Follower Form icons

  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when opening chests

  • Fixed an issue causing rituals to display incorrect UI elements

  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly pressing the dodge roll during a Leshy dungeon encounter could cause the game to become non-responsive 20, 2022


  • The game will now auto-pause after 10 minutes

  • Enabled Bloom shader 

  • Fixed issue where the game did not boot in EU-Portuguese for EU players

  • Improved performance while saving and loading a game

  • Fixed snail shells not dropping

  • Improved spine animation frame rates for Lamb and Bosses to improve visual quality 

  • Fixed several issues related to achievements including “Godhood”

  • Fixed issue where DLC could disappear after completing certain actions

  • Fixed invisible enemies spawning from Summoner enemies

  • Fixed bug that caused Ratau to not appear during the tutorial

  • Fixed certain save corruption bugs

  • Fixed items falling out of the playable area when spawning

  • Fixed an issue causing indefinite controller rumble

  • Fixed issue where the UI element displaying the progress of the day, changes its position on the screen when in the Pilgrim's Passage

  • Fixed issue causing the "Followers" menu to become inaccessible occasionally

  • Fixed issue where pressing the use button repeatedly after the full column has been selected causes the column UI to be offset

  • Fixed game freeze when clicking back during world map

  • Fixed gifts not spawning correctly

  • Improved pathfinding system

  • Fixed Accept button not appearing right away when returning to the main menu

  • Fixed info card UI getting stuck when navigating through them too quickly

  • Fixed some UI appearance issues in the Divine Inspiration menu

  • Fixed navigation in Cult Menu Tab UI

  • Fixed issue where booting the game offline would cause a crash

  • Fixed issue that occurred when dodge rolling immediately after cancelling the fishing mini-game

  • Fixed game freeze after performing certain actions during the tutorial

  • Fixed game freeze during the final encounter

  • Fixed game freeze after a Follower receives a gift from Ratau


  • Fixed soft lock that could occur during Bishop encounters

  • Implemented optimisation for items spawned from chests

  • Fixed issue that occurred when the Lamb collected a certain amount of Tarot cards during a single dungeon run

  • Fixed spider nests not dropping

  • Fixed immortal enemies in combat involving Healer enemies 

  • Fixed issue with weapons after all weapons have been unlocked

  • Fixed the soft lock when interacting with tarot shrine and the player has collected all the tarot cards

  • Fixed issue causing dungeons to not progress

  • Fixed soft lock when resurrecting ill/dissenting Followers

  • Fixed issue where a boss can die outside of map and the heart is unreachable

  • Fixed soft lock when mini boss Follower spawns too close to the wall

  • Fixed Witness enemies not returning when the player dies and resurrects mid-fight

  • Fixed decimal rounding on weapon UI

  • Implemented minor optimisations to dungeon performance

  • Fixed issue where enemies hovering above ground may not behave properly

  • Fixed game freeze when the Moth is increasing a Follower's loyalty

  • Fixed issue causing Spikes are invisible during combat encounters with Baal, Aym and the final boss


  • Fixed issue that limited 6 Followers entering the Temple at once

  • Fixed various soft locks and locks during the Tutorial

  • Fixed bug causing Followers to disappear

  • Fixed issue where interacting or assigning work to a dying follower caused a semi-unresponsive state

  • Fixed certain bugs causing Follower quests to fail instantly

  • Fixed soft lock that occurred when interacting with Prisons

  • Fixed issue where the player cannot see the progress of building or harvesting in certain resources

  • Fixed the fuel meter incorrectly filling if the playable character walks away from the Shrine's flame when all of the fuel has not been added

  • Fixed bug preventing the last Doctrine from being unlocked

  • Fixed Crystal Flag and Bone Pile decorations

  • Fixed soft lock when player comes back to base before building shrine with a Follower but does not have sufficient coins to build one

  • Fixed Followers getting stuck in a level-up state

  • Followers now leave when a crisis of faith quest is failed

  • Fixed Followers not harvesting crops when away from the base

  • Fixed soft lock when entering the temple whilst cleaning waste

  • Fixed soft lock when moving wrapped bodies in build mode

  • Fixed confession booth soft lock

  • Fixed Follower emotion display in notifications history

  • Fixed Omnipresence animation glitches when a button is pressed and menus are open

  • Fixed game freeze after receiving a quest from a Follower

  • Fixed issue where the Inspiration animation would loop infinitely under certain conditions