Join us at PAX East

Attendees, put away your bowls of poop and unlatch your pillories, we have everything ready for your adventure in Boston. Here are all the fun ways you can interact with your loyal flockmates and show your love for the glorious leader.

Play the huge new expansion

Relics of the Old Faith is a brand new free expansion that adds combat systems, more progression and endgame objectives. Be one of the first people in the world to play Relics of the Old Faith before it launches in Spring 2023!

Snap your Sacrifice at the Lamb’s altar

The centerpiece of the Devolver Digital booth is a beautifully recreated sacrificial altar experience. Take a ritualistic photo and return for many Cult activities each day of PAX East!

Meet the Lamb

Find the Lamb irl at the Devolver Digital booth to pledge your allegiance and praise their glory.
Exclusive Cat Follower Form

Claim an exclusive in‑game PAX Cat

Throughout each day, we will host initiation rituals at the Devolver booth. If you let a Cultist mark you with the Red Crown, you’ll receive an exclusive in‑game PAX Cat follower form.

Join the Cult Party Panel!

On SATURDAY at 12PM at the DRAGONFLY THEATER, the creators of Cult of the Lamb will be hosting a panel where they’ll answer your questions, perform rituals and share the secrets of the Cult.

Wear free Cult attire

Represent the Cult with a free Red Crown hat and maybe even a special enamel pin (if you prove your worthiness).

Meet the creators of the Cult

The developers of Cult of the Lamb have come all the way from Down Under to meet Lamb fans! Find them at the Devolver Digital booth for a signature or photo FRIDAY from 12PM to 2PM.


Secure a Lamb plushie

A few Lamb plushies will be available for sale at the Devolver Digital merch booth at the start of each day of PAX East. Get there as soon as you can before the very limited quantities run out! There’s also many other merch items to show your allegiance to the Cult of the Lamb.